These past 9 months at Holberton have been one of toughest and most exciting experience I have ever had thus far. I have achieved a lot of goals and nothing better to end this process than applying the knowledge obtained in a final project.

Tell me and I forget; Teach me and I may remember; Involve me and I learn.

For this final project I was part of an amazing team named MVD composed by:

  • Valentina Jaramillo: Front-end
  • Marcos Pimienta: Front-end
  • David Arias: Back-end and DevOps
  • Deyber Castañeda(me): Back-end

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.
Clearly, Git have changed the world of software development.

But, what is behind of this amazing tool and why it is so powerful?

Linus Torvalds, the mind behind Git and Linux OS have a famous quote:

“Bad programmers worry about the code. Good programmers worry about data structures and their relationships.”

Well, what if we go deeper in the implementation of it and the data structures used behind the scenes?

There are several different data…

If you are reading an article with this kind of title so maybe your are involved in the world of Web Development and have at least an idea of how web works, if not you can get an overview of it in this article .

The first thing that might come to your head is “Why to create a Web Server from scratch? What inventing the wheel again for?”

A famous thinker used to say: I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand.
I believe to become a better developer you must get a…

Panda with “style”.

Have you ever feel that table output looks boring and very simple when you check it in Jupyter Notebooks?.
Tables allow your data consumers to gather insight by reading the underlying data. However, there are often instances where leveraging the visual system is much more efficient in communicating insight from the data. Knowing this, you may often find yourself in scenarios where you want to provide your consumers access to the underlying data by means of a table, while still providing visual representations of the data so that they can quickly and effectively gather the insight they need.
In this article I…

Manipulate bits is an amazing way to solve a lot of problems, but sometimes we don’t use this powerful tool in our problems either because require to think in very specific application or because a very tiny mistake could lead into a catastrophic error in the expected solution.

That’s why in this opportunity I would like to share with you some tips and tricks that you may or not know or maybe it could help you to refresh them.

But before that let’s to review some concepts just for the sake of completeness.

Bit manipulation is the process of applying…

It does not matters what profession or occupation you come from it is likely that you once have used your browser to search something, either a concept, how to fix something or simply check your favorite social network.
But, What is happening under the hood?
What is really our computer doing when we type the URL of the site we want to get?

The answers to those questions are the aim of this article.

Let’s go through the process step by step.
Suppose that you want to access from your browser:

Get input from Keyboard

When you type in the browser, you…

Grandparents are amazing, we love them so much. They have a lot of knowledge and almost an answer for everything. It’s easy to talk with them about any topic except when you try to talk with them about how does FaceApp works, since this App works with machine learning algorithms.
¿How to explain such a complex topic to your grandfather that have not a background in STEM?
The first part is to use a not too technical language in order to avoid that you stay talking alone.

The second part is to clarify what is and what is not machine…

Photo by Chris Ried on unplash


For a lot of us, Python is a beautiful programing language. It’s easy to pick up, very readable, and easy to maintain. But the main reason why it’s so easy is that there’s so much under the hood. While many people are satisfied with being aware of the complexity of a language without needing to be well acquainted with those complexities, understanding the in’s and out’s of Python will help prevent you from creating major bugs in your programs. The aim of this article is to familiarize you with these details.


Let’s start off with the glue that holds everything…

Before carry up with the content of this article, if you are familiar with the shell and command ls -l you can skip the first part.
If you aren’t, then the introduction is for you ;).


So, What is the shell?

If you are starting to use Linux or Unix-like operating sistems maybe you want to know what are the things that you have in your machine.
The terminal allow us to know that through a command and their options,
This command is ls
This list the content of the current directory. Some options of this command are the following.
-l Show the content in long format
-a This allow us to see the hidden files

Deyber Castañeda

Software Developer and Science lover always learning.

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